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Villan and Bond
Yogesh was completed outraged. This has been about the fifth time that he has asked his dad for his mom and the reply was no. The funny part was that his dad would cry uncontrollably and just shake his head. Yogesh just couldn’t comprehend that his mom was dead. It made him often times feel conflicted on the inside but he just didn’t know how to show it. Even when his dad would say his mom was with the angels it just made no sense. Yogesh, only eight, ran from their house to the park and jumped onto the swing set. He smiled only to himself and tried to calm down. As Yogesh was just content to sway on the swing another boy sat beside him. Yogesh analyzed the young kid as being around his age and a bit pale. Having a good idea pop into his head, Yogesh decides to make fun of the other kid.
“Yoooo, you’re super pale bro. Like, legit, I bet you get a sunburn just by walking outside of your house!”
The other kid breaks out into a smirk. He chuckles slightly. Th
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Forgive me
Fishing for the meanings that I’ve yet to find
There is so much that has been left behind
The stories of time are locked inside a veil of mysterious identity
My body has transformed into a new entity
I’m staying up and grabbling to great heights just to grasp enlightenment
Tears will slip past my eyes because it doesn’t make sense why we are here
I don’t want your responsibilities
Stop drowning me under the water with your pressures
I’m trapped inside a box with no air
Gasping for breath
No one comprehends the struggle that I face behind these eyes
They aren’t mine but they belong to another person
I’ve stolen them and their memories
They’ve become a part of me
And it burns
It burns like hell
These feelings and emotions have come to grab me and drag me
Pulling me down into a continuous string of consciousness
Aware of my own being
Aware of my own ideas and disastrous loss of embodiment
Bring me back to full enlightenment
Help me to become
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There is so much disappointment filling inside the void
Pooling into a rising depression
Blending into a poisonous mixture
Condensing into dripping moisture on the outer parts of my skin
Slippery slimy is who I’ve become
Dispersing into scattered drops of tiny disasters
Can’t find the luck again
I’ve become passionless
Churning inside of my too sick stomach
I’m about to fall over
There’s a pain in my knees
The pins that connect me are unscrewing
The swishing of acids are not combing
Surging into my throat
I keep it all down with a huge gulp
Keeping the frustrations inside
Let the anger reside in my veins
Have it course through my head to toe
Boiling to my frontal lobe
I close my eyes and wish for a better feeling
There is too much swishing within the system
Melding slowly but continuously fermenting
Becoming simpler in modern terms
Lacking the originality that has made me become me
The acids have made a hole inside of the walls
Dribbling out onto the layer
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Pressing thoughts with much love
There’s a monster on your shoulder
He hangs there
Undecidedly as if he has to mull over multiple options
The monster has sunken into the crotch of your shoulder
Like a gargoyle his wings shield over your face
And his body turns to stone against your flesh
You feel his presence
You feel his pressure
Right up and against your ear
His voice is there
His decision is there
You know what logic is
You know what the difference between good and bad is
But the gargoyle on your shoulder is something completely unholy
He has made deals with baphomet himself behind your back
So it is very easy when the monster tells you to do bad that you listen
He has made a new padded reality for you
He has twisted the words of niceness so that the impure look ravishing
The dirt of upon your hands turn to sudsy soap and you cleanse yourself with the all seeing powers
within it
There is so much grossness upon your upper chest and inside of your flowing blood
The goodness has swelled into something pain
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Riding in the back seat to ikea
How is that we love when all it does is end
I don’t believe in marriage because happiness is always reaching
Fighting is always at the end of the curb
My chest is compacted
Emotions fester in a space too small
My love is my love for today
But tomorrow my love is no longer
My heart yearns for someone to kiss I want to mash against
I want to have my pink mix with the blue of a man’s soul
The attention that I need
The love that I want
It pulls at the strings inside of my chest
Sprouting wire is such a strong cord
Help to release my brain
Kiss it away
Caress it away
I fall into you
I depend on you This is my ballad
My extended story on how I’m incomplete
There’s a feeling missing
Not a piece of me
But a thought of improvement
Fix me and I’ll fix you
Let me love you
I want to be able to please you
This feeling is unfair
This thing I try to express and describe
It nips at my fingers
It bites my shoulders and nose
Love can only appear in a breeze
The wind will fl
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emotions are gross
I’m misunderstood
My skin is breaking
My body is being ripped to shreds
I never asked for you to save me
Never told you to ever try and make me better
But I insisted that you were my only love
I expected more from myself
But why does it even matter
I’ve become more distant
My passions aren’t existent
I’ve found myself down the drain
No long shower can wash away the pain
No matter how long, the blood stains will always blemish my pure skin
I’m falling down the drain
The healthy things slip past my finger tips
The people around me notice that I’m not here
I’m just slipping
Past you and past him
Past the people that I see
They ask if I’m okay but I’m not here to worry you
The struggle of the introspection is worse than I had thought or expected
The slimy gross feelings of loving myself have never been of value
I care for the greater importance of us all
I could care less if I was clean
My hands are dirty from the bloody stains
From the
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I think that I feel okay
I think I’m growing tired
I think that I’m weaker
But my hands they keep on writing
My hands keep on tearing
There isn’t any remorse
No pity that I can rack to feel for those who don’t matter
I’m reeling while trying to grasp what it is
The sudden change that has taken me
The change that has swept me from under my feet
The change which is making me vomit into every shape, form, and way
Retching onto you and cleaning it up later when I can gall up an apology
Heaving into life and my grossness is what I use as way to express my bitterness
I think that I’m shriveling in upon myself
Arms wrapping around my knees to the point where it cuts off my blood stream
And I can’t extract it from my veins
My eyes aren’t able to clear the fog from inside my pain
These feelings
This change
It stays sticking to the top of my mouth as if it was no trouble to face
Every day I wake and wonder why it is that I exist
Can’t comprehend why any of us are her
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Mature content
Lyla Foster :iconawesomestbestfriends:AwesomestBestFriends 0 0
Elliott Wilco
A mother has just had a newborn child. The cheating doctors and chiding nurses coddle around the room. Their movements reminding the mother of chickens with their heads cut off. Her child is severely deformed. Saddening by the fact that the little man is a disappointment made by a volatile romance. Her drinking habits were atrocious while the young one inside suffered for days on end. The baby, just a boy, had many holes filling up his being. His body was almost translucent when put in the light and his eyes so sensitive were almost never seen by others. They hid behind obsidian black glasses.
The boy grew older to meet school classes where the people didn’t love him. The year was 1934 and acceptance was just a lie in fairy tales. He was different. That made it okay for people to criticize what he was. The boy was a simple retard with the most complex thoughts. People were blind to the fact that someone different could possibly match their talents. This made the boy severely depr
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I should have learned from an early age to love my body
I should have been taught not to shun my face
I should have been taught that being quiet was not a sin
My memories show me that my mother taught me how to feel
She taught me how to act
And at age 12 when I did not want to wear make up
She would persist and ask
A girl your age should apply some mascara
But everyone at school never wore a stitch of it
Soon I gave into her wishes and plucked my face with the new fakeness
The girls at school clearly resented me
But I simply felt uncomfortable
It didn’t feel right  
At the age of 13 I discovered that I had an acne problem
There was truth that I didn’t often routinely wash my face but that did not mean I loved it any less
It provoked mother onto another tirade
You don’t care about your appearance she accused
Your face has blemishes
I didn’t mean to let her see me cry but for days she would not relent
It drove me crazy
She put me on pills and cream
I stayed s
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Children Love Divorce
I’m not that upset about it
But the more I think
The more it unsettles me
How wrong it is
You say fuck you in high tones that squeak
While she calls you an asshole behind your back
But most times it’s just your heart that is wrong
Because you blame others for your mistakes and live life as though you aren’t at fault
She cries
I’ve seen it
You’ve hit me before
As a child you told me to shut up when I cried
Toughen up little kid because people aren’t as nice as they seem
Toughen up buttercup because verbal abuse is in fact a form of abuse
Times are tough and I’ve seen it
Don’t tell me I shouldn’t hear it
Or that it damages me because when you hit her and that cop came is a memory enough
He asked me if I knew what a lie was
And I replied with yes in the back seat of the car
The cop cool and collected explained that if I had said his shirt had stripes on it then that would
have been a lie
Nodding my head my voice rang
Yes officer daddy
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Too much blood
I’m covered over in globs of blood
It’s not my own
At least I promise that to you
These feelings aren’t mine
Even I know that I am fine
I’m sorry for dying
I didn’t mean to do it
I didn’t mean to let you down
Blood is all around
Feelings lie within it
But I promise you that they aren’t mine
But it ends up seeping through
Soaking and chugging it down the soar throat
I want to be loved
But all this blood has covered my eyes an awful carmine
I want to die
But I’ve got someone else’s blood on my clothes
It’s not my fault
Sorrow has filled me
Tomorrow is not a good day
But it never has been
You don’t want me
And that’s funny
Because I don’t want myself much either
I’m afraid of the loss
The loss that I found inside the brittle holes of what once was life
There’s nothing to remember
There’s not even a light
I thought that you were my guide
I thought that you made me sick
And it was I that fell und
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Society of the Brave
My mind is full of aspiring ideas in the land of the free
But my oppressed emotions can never be shown
My faces and legs are worn from the ways society has taught me to conform
I am beautifully sick with dashing fake hair
Stars have bright colored skin while mine is soul sucking pale
With thin brawn lungs I breathe in harsh rasps
Anything for the prize is what rings in my mind
My sexuality is completely ambiguous because liking girls and boys will make me ill
Because sexism is real
I have to be afraid of what I am
I have to be afraid of sex because girls mustn’t be dirty
My legs are always firmly pulled together because relaxing them open will leave an invitation for rape.
If I don’t touch a dick to save my life than the misogynist beside me will slit my deep throat wide.
I am not afraid of women
Nor am I afraid of man
I float above in the stars of the universe
But I shine with a pitiful glare
Something that is left with unimportance except for the words that leak from its
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I miss myself.
I haven’t been able to meet it yet and it lurks from deep inside my soul.
Sludge slithers like avalanches through my brain.
The cavernous cavern filled with bright lights of dumbfounded intelligence.
It’s pointless to say but I think that the mirror has finally unleashed me.
The refection has shrieked for the last time.
Who is that? That is you?
You mean that is me?
I cry and I shake with trembling sides of unadulterated laughter.
Who is that?
That is me.
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An open minded girl
I know a girl.
She goes by the name of an open minded soul.
She’s quite charming with the patience of a saint.
I haven’t gotten to meet her but she’s my dream girl.
I just can’t get her off my mind.
It’s actually quite the dreary situation.
Her hair flows just past her shoulders while her eyes sparkle like the stars above.
I’m amazed that I can see this girl every day.
But it happens that the day I met this girl was the day my eyes closed for good.
It was the day where I rubbed my hands raw so that the smell of bleach wasn’t so strong.
I made sure the blood stains on the walls looked just a bit more dull.
I then tried to pry her dying eyes from my mind.
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I feel dirty.
I feel sick.
I feel fat…
When I was 8, I didn’t really care.
I was happy.
But then before I could really do anything,
The world came crashing down on me.
People berated me with cruel words.
Just because I wasn’t the right size and the right weight made it okay for them to ostracize me.
It made it okay for them to say that I was ugly.
Oh how I cried. Oh how I felt.
How I was so human.
I loved so much.
I imagined building other people instead of everything becoming thin.
I remember how simple structures could turn into beautiful respected statues.
But as soon as the girl, me, myself, turned 11,
I could no longer dream.
I ate as though my life depended on it.
The new person that I slowly started to become was more apprehensive.
The new person wanted just to fit in and find a place that I could say meant something.
I had lost so much.
I had lost friends.
I had been a laughing stock for simply standing as I was.
Being 11 meant that finally new people would se
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